Organize Your Ideas

Stay focused and productive with a clean and clutter-free note space.

Better Notes Management

UpNote offers flexible ways to organize your notes: nested notebooks, pinning notes to the top of the note list, adding notes to Quick Access and filtering notes using matched keywords.

Complete Note Editor

UpNote provides a complete editor with multiple rich text options, Markdown support, creation of lists, insertion of images, links, attachments, quotes, code blocks, multiple fonts from the configuration, highlighting of text in various colors, and more.

Always in Sync. Available Offline

UpNote automatically syncs across all your devices. You can also access and write notes without internet connection.

Beautiful Themes and Dark Mode

Apply UpNote’s elegant themes to your taste. Dark themes work excellently
for those who prefer distraction-free mode.

Web Clipper Extensions

Quickly save any web page from your browser with UpNote’s extension available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Write in Focus Mode

Access the Focus mode, where all the notes, notebooks and menus are hidden, so you can work in a distraction-free environment.

Advanced Features

Sticky Window
Taking notes during an online conference or learning is convenient with Keep-Window-on-Top feature. Your notes will be kept above other windows while you are working.
Protect Notes with Lock
Be it on mobile or desktop, you can lock UpNote app with a passcode to prevent your notes from being accidentally opened and viewed when you are not around.
Export your notes to Text, PDF, HTML or Markdown. You can export notes as separate documents or combining into a single document.
Links between Notes
Quickly and conveniently jump between notes and sections using internal links

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Our Users Love It

Best notes app
by Ryan DeBell
This app is beautifully made. A work of art. The creator clearly had the user in mind with this app. On iPhone you have quick access to many things like pasting the date, changing font color, lists, etc. On Mac the app is beautiful and you have an awesome focus mode for the note you’re writing.
by ChrisJallen
I've tried quite a few note apps and this is clearly an improved version of some notables, frankly Im surprised others havent seemingly updated their ui in a couple years. This feels fresh, easy to use and completely pleasant experience. Easy to drag drop things in like a scrapbook. Good job!
Well designed and easy to use
by NancyEngle
I love the app. After trying several other note apps, which I use to make notes for my genealogy research and novel writing, I found yours’ to be the easiest and quickest way to keep track of everything. I love that it automatically syncs with my other devices.
Super impressed!
by carthhourse2000
This app is seriously good. It’s simple, clean and a real joy to use. All the features I need and no extra clutter that I don’t. I needed something that syncs between my Mac and iOS devices and that works flawlessly.
Evernote Replacement
by adamb1997
This is looking like the perfect evernote replacement. The offering of a lifetime subscription rather than an extortionate monthly price has tipped this app for me. Good balance of features, not as stacked as Notion, but if you like the usability of evernote but not the price then this is on par.
Just what i was looking for!
by rabidmutt
I’ve been searching for a replacement note management app for over a year. After using 3 different ones over the last 18 months, each having one or more issues and / or missing features I wanted, Upnote seems to have it all. I downloaded and ran the free version for about a week and then upgraded to the Pro, which was reasonably priced.